MCAS Performance and Accountability Summary

Commendations for Narrowing the Achievement Gap

Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy (the Academy) received commendations from the Governor of Massachusetts in 2012 and 2013. The commendations specifically read:  “Commended for high progress - narrowing proficiency gaps.”   Only 64 schools in the whole state received commendations.  Only 7 schools in Boston received commendations (3 BPS schools, 4 charter schools).

The Academy is a Performance Level 1 School

The Academy has achieved Performance Level 1 based on 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 MCAS scores.  Schools are assigned performance levels 1 through 5 based on both absolute performance and growth on the MCAS.

Highlights from the MCAS Results and School Rankings (2014)


  • 6th grade students had an SGP (Student Growth Percentile) of an amazing 82, compared to 54 for Boston Public Schools and 50 for the state overall.  An SGP over 50 shows positive growth (maximum of 100).
  • High Needs subgroup, which includes all students who are low income, English language lerners, and/or students with disabilities, had an SGP of 70, compared to 51 for Boston Public Schools and 46 for the state.
  • High Needs subgroup percentile is 63rd (Math) and 67th (English).
  • 95% of DLA students are considered High Needs.
  • DLA ranked 18th out of 53 schools in the percentage of students in Advanced and Proficient in both Math and ELA among all Boston Public Schools and Boston charter schools.
  • DLA ranked 21st out of 512 schools in the state in 6th grade Math Growth and Proficiency on the 2012 MCAS.

School Report Card

For more information about the school, please see the school's profile on the state's website, as well as the school's NCLB report card  .

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