Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy (the Academy) offers its students a variety of activities to develop the whole person. From the opening day ceremony to academic field trips, arts programs, and sports, the Academy provides opportunities for students to excel in many areas.

Art Programs

Artists in Residence provide all students with visual and perfomring art classes throughout the year. The Metropolitan Opera Guild provides choral classes to students throughout the year.

Kwanzaa Celebration

Each December, the Academy is the first stop on the City of Boston's Annual Kwanzaa Celebration. The Academy's students take part in this non-religious festival that commemorates the seven African values of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. An outgrowth of the 1960's Black Nationalist movement, the festival's founders envisioned this annual celebration as a way for Americans to reconnect with their African heritage by uniting in meditation and studying African traditions.

Blacks in Wax Museum

Every February, the students participate in the Academy's annual Blacks in Wax Museum which incorporates a variety of artistic forms. This is a day when students reach back into previous centuries and take on the persona of an African-American historical figure. Held during Black History month, this exhibit showcases the visual arts and acting talents of our students and helps those who are predominately of African-American or Caribbean-American heritage to better understand their cultural contributions to U.S. and world history.

Field Trips

The Academy offers a variety of field trips to area museums, historic buildings and landmarks that tie into the curriculum. 

Foreign Travel

The Academy sponsors a trip to Africa once a year to further connect students to their cultural heritage. The trip is open to a select group of students who are able to raise money to finance their travel. In past years students and staff have travelled to Senegal and Uganda.

Leader-to-Leader Program

The Academy hosts individuals representing a variety of professions including law, finance, bio-technology, high-tech, education and politics in the for-profit, nonprofit and governmental sectors of the community. These professionals range from state legislators to prominent sports figures to corporate executives who engage in an interactive and reflective dialogue with students to help them understand the possibilities for their future.

Rites of Passage

Each year, at every grade level, students undergo a "rite of passage" through events emphasizing the importance of "stretching" oneself to do his/her own personal best while helping peers work toward academic and social success. This program helps students integrate pride about their cultural heritage into building  a caring, supportive school community.

Science Exhibitions

The Academy's Science Department holds two exhibits of students' work in conjunction with the conclusion of the first two trimester units.

  • First Trimester exhibit in December: Invention Convention, Grades 6-8.
  • Second Trimester exhibit in March: Community Showcase, Grades 6 & 7; Science Fair, Grade 8.


The Academy has competitive basketball, track and field, and soccer teams for both boys and girls. The Academy plays teams from other charter schools as well as Boston Public Schools.  Many of these  student-athletes go on to play sports in high school.

Chess Club

The Academy competes interscholastically as the Davis Leadership Academy Chess Club (DLACC), and is a member of the United States Chess Federation (USCF).


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