Community Service


Community Service: Service Learning Program

The goal of the service learning program is to connect students to Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy's (the Academy) core values of leadership, personal excellence, respect, intellectual curiosity, integrity, compassion, and community citizenship through meaningful and concrete experiences at the Academy and through partnerships with community organizations. Students complete at least three service learning projects as a class, rather than individually. In the past, grade level service learning projects were as follows:

Service Learning Programs

  • Malcom X Memorial & Awards Breakfast (Rep. Gloria Foxx and City Councelor Charles C. Yancey)
  • Citywide Radical Organizing Conference and City Life/Vida Urbana: An anti-forclosure organization
  • Youth Power and the Fight for Jobs
  • Theatre for Social Change
  • Occupy the Hood Boston: Addressing problems in the community including violence and forclosure
  • Lupus Walk Fundraiser: Lupus Foundation of New England
  • Breast Cancer Walk
  • Bellingham Hill Senior Living
  • Christmas Gift Drive
  • St. Ambrose Family Inn
  • Mothers Walk for Peace
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